Draft your assets by pulling data directly from invoices

Designed with schools in mind, AssetAnnie provides the ability for organisations to access, capture and update details that will make managing assets a lot easier!

  • Manage the library asset through entry of stocktake figures
  • Facility for partial disposals (e.g. portion of a set)
  • Control features and data at an individual level, with role and multiple user based access
  • Review/manage asset details (e.g. locations, serial numbers, etc)
  • Reports for Audit
  • User defined reports/exports for staff

Hold an unlimited number of assets!

AssetAnnie provides the flexibilty that today's organisations need, with no cap or limit to the number of assets an organisation can record.

AssetAnnie provides a simple, straight forward user experience, with easy setup, searching and end-to-end asset management

  • Import an existing fixed asset register from a .CSV template, or generate new
  • Manually add, or convert details from selected Xero transactions
  • Pre and user defined searches and exports
  • Scheduled (monthly/annual) depreciation, or manually apply at an individual asset level
  • Dispose of assets as/when required
  • View/Print/Export reports for review and/or audit

Generate and auto populate draft assets from Xero transactions

Save time and effort on asset entry by converting core details from selected Xero transactions to form the basis of draft asset records.

Secure data and features at an individual level using role based permissions

  • Advisor
  • Administrator
  • Standard User
  • Read/Report Only

Whether performing a review/stocktake, searching for a specific item, or preparing reports for audit, AssetAnnie has you covered

  • Core reports for management and/or audit
  • Reporting framework aligned with the defined financial year end and depreciation structures
  • User defined searches that can be printed and/or exported using a variety of predefined formats